For All Generations: A Family-Centric Experience

Are you a parent? Rest assured, at Lifetorch Church, children are a central focus! We hold the next generation in high esteem, recognizing their potential to make a significant impact on the world. šŸš€

Our church services warmly welcome kids of all ages. Every service is intentionally designed to be family friendly. Not only are children welcomed, but they're also encouraged to actively participate in worship and learning alongside the adults.

At Lifetorch, we don't classify our services as solely for adults. We firmly believe that children are an integral part of our church community, just as much as any other member.

As Lifetorch Church continues to flourish, we're excited to introduce specialized classes for kids on Sunday mornings. Stay tuned, as remarkable opportunities are on the horizon, and we're confident that your children will adore them!

Join us at Lifetorch this upcoming Sunday and experience firsthand how the Kingdom of Heaven encompasses all generations, just like our Lifetorch family does.

Plan Your Visit Today! What's Best for Your Family?

Whether you choose to engage with Lifetorch Church in-person or online, we have something tailored to your family's needs.

For In-Person Attendees: When you join us in person, we'll warmly introduce you to our community, connect you with fellow parents whose children are of similar ages, and provide a platform for your kids to form new friendships. Our family-friendly services make it easy for children to engage and understand.

For Online Participants: If you prefer to join us online, rest assured that our services are family-focused. Your children will adore the lively worship, accessible preaching, and enjoyable service elements. Plus, navigate through this page to discover online resources specifically designed for families.

Ready for More Information? Plan Your Family's Visit to Lifetorch Church

At Lifetorch Church, we're nurturing the next generation of world-changers to cultivate a deep love for God and His sanctuary.

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