At Lifetorch We Believe. Become. Belong. And Build.

As you believe in Jesus Christ, become His followers, belong to His family, and build His kingdom.

LIFETORCH Christian center is life giving church in our community, Envision to Make God’s plan plain to all! With great focus on kids, teens, youth, and young couples using bible base principles to build a total man in Christ, In an amazing atmosphere.


The Lifetorch Christian Tabernacle was founded on the Word of God, entrusted to His servants, Adewunmi & Folashade Adebanjo on August 4, 2013. Leading individuals to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, join His family, grow in their faith, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our Community and the world at large. By the grace of God, Lifetorch Christian Tabernacle is still committed to carrying out this mandate through weekly worship services and neighbourhood outreach programmes, and God continues to be faithful in providing financial support for the ministry through a steady rise in our attendance and impact. In August 2022, Lifetorch Christian Center, Canada was inaugurated. in our commitment to the spread of the Gospel all around the world.

Everyone who attends finds a place to belong, no matter what stage of life they are in. You will always find opportunity to serve and be served. We have anointed God’s servants who will help you on your spiritual path, to Believe. Become. Belong & Build.

Our vision

Making Gods Plan Plain To All!

Our Mission

Building a Total Man in Christ, that will Possess all Purchased Possession.

Our Motto

Making Your Life Count!

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to reach the unconverted and the unchurched in our community with faith, love, and care.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values drives all that we do in Lifetorch as a church and as an individual, it is who we are.


Love is express in giving and it as proof we are of God. at Lifetorch we love God, and we loved one and another and all men.


Life is spiritual, and we approach life from that point, at Lifetorch we are conscious of our spirituality. we are spiritually minded.


We are called to serve God, humanity, and one another at Lifetorch we seek to serve and be blessed.


Every believer is a leader at Lifetorch we take the lead at all facets of life, standing out as an example to all.


It takes a lion’s heart to get a lion’s share at Lifetorch we are fearless in our pursuit of greatness, and we believe that nothing is too much for us.


We are instant in business. Lifetorch is a wealthy place we eat bread without scarcity.


Godliness with contentment is great gain at Lifetorch we don’t lack what we don’t have and we don’t borrow.


Excellence is doing common thing in an uncommon way. This drives our identity, outlook, and expression in Lifetorch.


This is the statement of the bible doctrine as believed and taught by lifetorch. Statement of faith has its source in bible and is in total agreement with the foundational principles of the doctrine of Christ.
We believe that the bible contains the inspired and infallible word of God [2Tim3;16, 2pet1;20-21]
We believe that there is only one God eternally existence in three [3] person, God the father, God the son, God the holy ghost [Eph4;5-6, Cor8;6; gen1;26, Matt18;18-20]

We believe in the deity of Christ [John1;1-4;10;30, Heb1;1-5]

  • He was born of a virgin [matt1;8-25]
  • He was conceived of the holy ghost [luke1;30-35]
  • He died [john19;30-35]
  • He rose again from the dead bodily [john20;25-29, Luke 24;36-40]
  • He ascended into heaven bodily [acts1;9-10; luk24;36-40]
We believe in the rapture of the church and the second coming of Christ [1these 4;16- 17, matt 24; 29-30]
We believe that the only means of being cleansed from sin is repentance and faith in the precious blood of Jesus [Act3;19, LUKE26;47, EPH5;25-27]
We believe in regeneration by the power of the holy ghost through the word of God which is essential for personal salvation [Titus 2;5, john3;3-5, EPH 5;25-27]
We believe that the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provide divine healing for the body, salvation for the soul of everyone that believe [Pet 2;24, Acts3;16, Acts9;32-35]
We believe that when an individual receives the holy ghost, he receives divine enablement for Christian service and witness [Acts1;8,3;1-26;4;5-12]
We believe in the sanctification power of holy ghost [Rom15;16, 1Cor 6;11]
We believe in the final resurrection of both the saved and the lost; the former to eternal life and latter to eternal judgments [Rev20;11-15,1Cor15;12-23]

Our Academy

The Lifetorch Academy is the machinery for equipping and training members to become leaders in various capacities in the church and community by helping members discover and develop their God-given talents and strengths. The Lifetorch Academy also communicates the vision and mission of the ministry.

We Membership Class, Foundation Class, Leadership Class, and Ministry Class

Class 1

The New Creation Realities

Class 2

The Holy Spirit and You

Class 3

Speak in Other Tongues

Class 4

Why Do We Lay Hands on People

Class 5

Who is Jesus

Class 6

Hearing from God

Class 7

Worship as a Lifestyle

Class 8

Divine Health
The classes have an interactive format; the attendees get to ask the teacher questions on the topic taught or on any related area of the Christian walk in which they may need help.
The Foundation of Faith program holds successive sessions Online. A session consists of seven classes covering the topics listed above. An attendee is expected to go through all seven classes to have completed the program.
However, it is not required that the classes must be completed in a session. If for any reason an attendee cannot attend one or more classes in a session, the attendee can take those classes in a subsequent session.
Man’s greatest fulfilment in life comes when he discovers and walks in purpose in Christ.

Meet Our Team

Toronto, Canada

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Lagos, Nigeria

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